Italian Teen Giulia Lucenti Dead after Pfizer Shot

Italian Teen Giulia Lucenti Dead after Pfizer Shot

She was only 16 and had to take the Pfizer shot to get back to school. But the shot sent her to the graveyard.

Australian National Review is one of the few sources that published the story of Giulia Lucenti, the 16-year-old Italian girl who died less than 24 hours after getting her 2nd Pfizer shot last month. The source tells that her parents told doctors that their daughter had a congenital heart defect called mitral valve prolapse.

Giulia was scared of needles and was also reluctant to receive the injections. But she needed the injections if she wanted to resume in-person schooling.

But dismissing the fears of the girl and her family, doctors pressured her into taking the shots. Giulia took the second Pfizer shot on September 8 at 5:45 p.m. She fell sick with a sore arm. The next afternoon, she was found near dead on sofa by her mother, a healthcare worker, who called for emergency help. But the medical intervention failed to revive the teen. Giulia Lucenti was pronounced dead at 2:50 p.m.

Giulia’s mother described the paramedic intervention as wrong and wondered why they didn’t use a defibrillator to revive her heartbeat. She said she witnessed two large blood clots come out of her daughter’s veins upon insertion of the catheter with the adrenaline in her left arm.

The Covid Blog reported that Giulia’s father, however, is in denial and says he doesn’t believe the vaccine killed her.

The death of Giulia has been called sudden cardiac arrest and though the family requested an autopsy, the administration in charge of the matter is not very interested in pursuing an investigation into the death.

And it’s no surprise to those who know how administrations work when it comes to vaccine injuries and deaths. As for media, the death of Giulia Lucenti by the Pfizer shot for COVID-19 is one of the many stories suppressed by the presstitutes sold out to the pharmaceutical industry. The case of Jacob Clynick, the 13-year-old in Tennessee, who died of a Pfizer shot, is a recent example of media and medical cover-up.

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