Russia Liberates Avdeevka in Big Defeat for NATO

Russia Liberates Avdeevka in Big Defeat for NATO

This weekend brought another military and political blow to NATO as its proxy Ukraine was defeated on the key battle front of Avdeevka. The Donbass city was liberated from Ukrainian occupation after quite a bit of fight.

Russia Today announced on Saturday that Russian forces have assumed the complete control of Avdeevka. But the news of Ukrainians fleeing the city, or “withdrawing” as the Ukrainian sources put it, had been circulating on social media a day before.

The major victory in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war comes soon after Ukrainian dictator Vladimir Zelensky appointed Ukraine’s new army chief Oleksandr Syrskyi. Ukraine’s former army chief General Valerii Zaluzhn, who had led the war against Russia since its beginning two years ago, was fired by Zelensky amidst reports of a rift between the two.

In late December, Russia announced taking control of Marinka, another city in Donetsk, as Ukraine initially denied the claim but then went silent.

Joe Biden, the senile president brought to the White House via a massively rigged election in 2020, reportedly called Zelensky and blamed the Republican-led House of Representatives for the defeat on Avdeevka front. Biden and other assets of the American deep state renewed calls for the House to approve over $60 billion for Ukraine in its war against Russia – a war where Ukraine has no chance of any real victory.

For a reality check, Republican Senator J.D. Vance of Ohio reminded that the billions the Biden administration wants to send to Ukraine won’t change the reality on the ground. Breitbart wrote on Saturday:

If the package goes through, “that is not going to fundamentally change the reality on the battlefield,” Vance argued, pointing to limited American manufacturing capacity.

Senator Vance added that it’s reasonable to negotiate peace as that is the only way to end this war.


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