World War III – NATO Deploying Troops to Ukraine

World War III – NATO Deploying Troops to Ukraine

Has NATO already started deploying its troops to Ukraine against Russia while hiding the fact to deceive the public? Security strategy expert Stephen Bryen says this is exactly what’s happening.

In his latest Substack article, Bryen wrote that uniformed NATO troops are being deployed to the western part of Ukraine to fight Russia.

Soldiers from Poland, France, the UK, Finland and other NATO members are arriving in larger numbers. These troops are not mercenaries. They wear the flag of their country on their shirts.

The article added that NATO is calling these NATO personnel not combat troops but operators of sophisticated western hardware in Ukraine. Bryen opined that the Biden administration is holding this fact from the public until the November 2024 presidential election, fearing that it may affect his chances to win as Americans against the war see him as failing to bring peace.

At the same time, Russia is enjoying the upper hand in the war and is racing to win it sooner than later. More importantly, the US National Security establishment knows this to be the case but are silent as they wait for Biden’s reelection, whom they favor. Once Biden gets another term, NATO will likely come out openly against Russia in Ukraine and bring World War III.

In his recent interview with Daniel Davis, combat veteran Colonel Doug Macgregor highlighted the disastrous approach of the United States and other NATO states in Ukraine while calling out the corrupt military-industrial-complex that is benefitting heavily from this and other wars.

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