Majority Delta Victims Are Vaccinated, UK Reports

Majority Delta Victims Are Vaccinated, UK Reports

The numbers have spoken – the majority of Delta cases and deaths have been happening in vaccinated people, according to official numbers from the United Kingdom. In other words, if you took a shot, you are more at risk of catching the disease and/or dying from it.

On September 17, Public Health England (PHE) published its official report on numbers of cases and deaths in the UK due to the COVID-19 infections caused by the Delta and other variants. The report titled “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England” is online at this link. Contrary to the lies of the CDC and mainstream media that target the unvaccinated to pressure them into taking the OVID shots, the report by PHE shows that the majority of Delta variant infections as well as deaths are among the vaccinated people.

The report presents the numbers on pages 19 and 20 in Table 5, titled “Attendance to emergency care and deaths of sequenced and genotyped Delta cases in England by vaccination status (1 February 2021 to 12 September 2021).” The table breaks down the numbers of cases and deaths by vaccination status.

The numbers show that during the 6 months from February to September (time when mass vaccination was carried out), a total of 257,357 cases of Delta infection were recorded in unvaccinated people while 278, 212 cases were recorded among people who had taken one or both shots of the vaccine. Thus more vaccinated people got infected than unvaccinated.

The difference gets more pronounced when it comes to deaths in vaccinated and unvaccinated people during this time. As the report shows, of the total deaths that is 2542, only 722 were among unvaccinated people. In comparison, a total of 1779 vaccinated people died during the same time from Delta infection. Of these, 1613 were fully vaccinated (had both their doses of the COVID vaccine), which is more than twice the number of deaths in unvaccinated people.

UK Delta stats

These numbers from the UK prove that the vaccinated are more at risk of catching the Delta variant infection and even more at risk of dying from it.

The mainstream media has been silent on this tell-tale report from PHE. And nothing surprising about this silence – truth is the last thing media wants to bring to people.

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