What is Interactale?Interactale

Starting Sunday October 20, 2013, Word Matters! brings you Interactale – a story written by a group of writers, none of whom knows what will come next. Each writer adds their part to the story by looking at what’s written before, then returning it to the editor who passes it on to the next writer. The ending is added by the editor to seal the tale.


You are welcome to leave comments on any story – what part you liked; what you didn’t, and why; what would you change, and how. As long as your comments are appropriate, they will go live on the post. Also be concise. Limit your comments to no more than say 200 words or so.


You may participate in Interactale with the existing or a new group of writers as the series moves forward. Write to for more info.

Click on Interactale to see all stories.

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