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Welcome to my website where you will find news, articles, reviews, interviews, announcements, and lots more. This site has been created out of the passion for the written word with an eye for what’s happening in the world of writing, publishing, human and animal rights, environmental issues, and activism.

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About Ernest Dempsey

Ernest Dempsey is a writer, editor, blogger, and independent journalist. He has authored five books and edits the journal and its blog Recovering the Self. Dempsey is a skeptic, vegetarian, and advocate for animal and human rights.

15 thoughts on “About Word Matters!

  1. Are there other alternatives for choosing a company that has better standards ? if so where are they ? Of course their are other options as far as eating non meat items however that usually only applies to those who are in that category.

  2. We would like to do an event to raise some money for Eddie Cintron.
    I am more than willing to supply the email my caseworker sent me on my case via personal message as these are medical records that are confidential.
    Is there any way that we can get ahold of him to get some proof so that we can post that this is real? There are so many scams out there and we like to prove that what we are taking from people is going to a good cause. Thanks

  3. I have just finished your Sean Wyatt #7, and cannot wait for the next installment. Is there a way that you can notify me when it is published? Loved the whole series and want to continue readying your work. Thank you.
    Bob Riccardi

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  5. This site is a biased, right wing, Trump devotee brainwash. People should be warned about this and you. Can’t believe you push the agenda of Trump and the right wing to justify the assault and murder at the Capitol building. Absolutely shameful and deluded.

  6. The “assault” and “murder” at the Capitol building on January 6th was a staged event of the Deep State and leftist propaganda mobs to justify bringing military to the capitol and defend the massive voter fraud committed by the Democrats and their deep stat network. This site is one of those exposing the fraud and corruption of the establishment. And people who love real news and analysis love it. As for eating your heart out, it smells so bad I say you take that somewhere else – where someone would really care about another establishment rag.

  7. Thank you for doing this, this is so refreshing to me and in this world of of fake news, please continue writing.

    @Joanne-reading your comment above is horrifying, maybe, you should start researching and looking for the correct website to see the truth in that January 6th debacle. I bet you are wearing mask inside your house and car while taking a shower, good luck to your new president stumbling Joe!

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