California Pedophilic Law Gives Abortion Rights to Minors

California Pedophilic Law Gives Abortion Rights to Minors

California’s new law allows pregnant minors to abort babies while banning parents from knowing about it or giving their consent.

The Gateway Pundit reported that California’s governor Gavin Newsom signed two bills on Wednesday that allow secret abortions for minors who get pregnant. Writing about AB-1184, one of the two bills signed by Newsom, the story says:

One of the bills – AB-1184 – prohibits health insurers from requiring authorization from a child’s parents before they are able to get a procedure.

The law takes effect in July next year.

The second bill, AB 1356, signed by Newsom makes it illegal for anyone to report the minors undergoing abortion to anyone. The Washington Examiner wrote:

The first bill, AB 1356, will create new offenses arising from recording or photographing patients or providers within 100 feet of the entrance to a reproductive health services facility.

The news source says that all Republicans in California’s senate opposed the bill AB 1184.

California’s new laws allowing abortion access for minors and gagging witnesses to what happens to these minors in abortion clinics comes close to officially facilitating child rape and child prostitution so that the criminals can get their victims fixed via abortion.

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