North Carolina Votes to Ban Masks in Public

North Carolina Votes to Ban Masks in Public

North Carolina is going where the swamp hates it to go – banning the face masks in public.

The manufactured pandemic of COVID-19 was used by corrupt and criminal governments to take away people’s freedoms. With the complicity of sold-out media mobs, people were deceived into false safety measures like wearing face masks, which were imposed as law in many places around the world.

With time and continued resistance from the aware and the courageous segment of population, the authorities were made to roll back their war on freedoms and the made-up pandemic was declared over. The practice of wearing masks, however, was adopted by the criminals, mainly left-wing agenda-operated rioters, to hide their faces while breaking the law during acts of riots and/or plunder.

Now, the conservatives in the state of North Carolina have taken the courageous step of passing a law that counters this criminal abuse of the false pandemic-era practice of mask-wearing. On Wednesday, the North Carolina state Senate passed the House Bill 237 that bans masking up in public. The bill was passed along party lines with the Republicans voting in favor of it and Democrats opposing it, as reported by The Hill.

The state’s Democrat governor Roy Cooper can veto the bill, as one would expect, but the good news for conservatives supporting the bill is that the Republicans enjoy a supermajority in the state legislature and they can override the veto.

Wearing masks has been shown as a practice dangerous to health. The abuse of the liberty to cover one’s face in public for criminal activity is something the west has encountered before in Europe and elsewhere. In the United States, Florida banned mask mandates in schools but has allowed face-covering in public and it has been abused by suspected political activists working against conservatives while posing as right-wing activists.

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