Sham Trial Finds Trump Guilty – Revealing Deep State’s Desperation ahead of 2024

Sham Trial Finds Trump Guilty – Revealing Deep State’s Desperation ahead of 2024

Finally, the sham trial of the deep state came to a conclusion and as was known since the start of the so-called hush-money trial, the corrupt and criminal judicial cabal of the leftist New York City found President Trump guilty of crimes even they can’t specify. They chose to call it falsifying business records to win the November 2016 election – a sore day for all anti-Americans as their corrupt and morally bankrupt candidate Hilary Clinton was defeated bigly.

The mock trial was orchestrated and executed by the same globalist and anti-American network that rigged and stole the 2020 presidential election from President Trump, installing Joe Biden as an illegitimate president who has no brain or will of his own but acts as a puppet to put signature on whatever documents they order him to.

But Trump didn’t just walk away or sit quietly after he was made to leave the White House in the wake of the 2020’s rigged election. He did not concede but started preparing for running again in 2024. With the majority of the nation supporting him, the deep state realized they can’t beat him at the ballot as 2024 is becoming more difficult to rig in the absence of a manufactured so-called pandemic – the COVID-19 of 2020. So they have to do something to stop Trump.

In comes the lawfare – the legal war via the web of deep state prosecutors and judges that are operated by the most powerful and tyrannical forces in the establishment. The verdict reveals the plans of America’s enemies – if you come to help America, we’ll jail you. Alexandra Marashall nailed it in her commentary on this state of affairs.

President Trump remains defiant against the verdict of the Kangaroo court and puppet jurors and his support remains unshaken, in fact increasing by the day. As America hangs by a thread and is being eaten within by the enemies of the conservative Christian society, the 2024 presidential election has become the last constitutional battlefield. President Trump has famously told his nation, “They’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

Trump has fought for his people. How long and hard will people fight for him and themselves now that this battle has reached such a critical stage? The people must answer this question.

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