Wyoming Bans Transgender Procedures for Children

Wyoming Bans Transgender Procedures for Children

Wyoming has moved to protect children by banning the so-called transgender procedures on children.

LifeSite News reported (March 25) that Wyoming’s Governor Mark Gordon, a Republican, signed the bill passed by both bodies of the state legislature earlier this month to ban “destructive transgender drugs and surgeries” for children. This applies to all individuals under the age of 18.

Chloe Cole, who became a vocal opponent of transgenderism in children after her own attempt at gender change for which she had a double mastectomy, hailed the legislation by posting on Twitter/X: “KIDS ARE SAVED in Wyoming!!!”

The criminal mindset of liberals in politics was revealed by Chloe Cole in her recent interview on the Lawrence Beat Podcast as she told about receiving violent threats from the transgenderism advocates. She said she has to hire security when she has to attend an event.

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