Pakistan: Polio Vaccination Team Coerces Private School

Pakistan: Polio Vaccination Team Coerces Private School

Local administration and law enforcement in Pakistan continue to vandalize private property owners and institutions including schools to force children into vaccination.POLIO VACCINE

DNA reports that a private school in Karachi now faces closure due to refusal to allow polio the team’s raid on its premises. This fresh incident of the school refusing to admit polio workers to vaccinate children on school premises without their parents’ consent is another example of gross human rights violations by the WHO that gets billions of dollars of funds for vaccinating children in the third world.

Funded by the World Health Organization (WHO), the witch-hunt style polio vaccination campaigns in Pakistan are a constant source of harassment of defenseless civilians. It’s important to note that the oral polio vaccine administered to millions of children in Pakistan was stopped in the United States and the developed West because of its serious side effects, notably paralysis, called vaccine-derived paralytic polio (VAPP).

Though few media outlets discuss it, the issue of mandatory vaccinations especially in the third world, where many parents don’t have enough education to understand what vaccines are and how they affect children, has been brought up as a serious case of human rights violation

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