Bahrain: American Journalists Released but Domestic Journalists Jailed

Bahrain: American Journalists Released but Domestic Journalists Jailed

The state of Bahrain continues to stifle media reporting on its state crimes against the people.flag-bahrain-XL

Washington Post reported so well that a few phone calls from the United States was all it took to release four American journalists arrested in Bahrain but the people from Bahrain’s domestic media suffer behind bars for reporting on human rights violations of the tyrannical state.

The American journalists were arrested with others at a public gathering of protest against the government’s oppression. They were charged with attending illegal gathering but released quickly due to diplomatic pressure from US.

However, the state crushes any voices of protest and voices of media that report on the government’s atrocities against its people. Emmy Award winning journalist Amber Lyon had to leave CNN after the channel refused to run her documentary on Bahrain exposing Bahrain’s government’s human rights violations.

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