Yes, You Can Prevent Kitchen Fires

Yes, You Can Prevent Kitchen Fires

by Ann Harrison

Many people find themselves stuck inside the house during the winter months. If you have kids running around the house, sometimes you can get distracted when preparing a meal for your family. Here are a few simple tips to help you prevent kitchen fires and keep your family safe.Young Girl Risking Accident With Pan In Kitchen

It is important to stay in the kitchen, while you are frying, broiling, or grilling. If you must leave the kitchen for any reason, be sure to turn off the stove. While cooking, it is important to regularly check your food, even if this means setting a timer to remind yourself that you have food in the oven or on the stove. Never leave food cooking while you’re away from home. Be sure to check that all appliances are turned off before you leave.

Never wear loose clothing, or shirts with dangling sleeves while cooking. Your clothes are likely to come in contact with the hot burners and burst into flames. Always wear shoes when cooking. I know a woman who dropped a pan on her bare feet, while removing it from the oven. That experience, and dropping hot food on my own toes a time or too, has taught me that wearing shoes in the kitchen will prevent serious cooking accidents.

It is also important to keep the stove and other appliances clean and free of grease spots and keep any pot holders, oven mitts, towels, plastic garbage bags or food bags away from the stove and other appliances that generate heat. I can give you an illustration of this tip as well. I had a friend who left his oven mitts hanging close to the stove. In the process of cooking breakfast one morning, the mitts came in contact with the hot burner and burst into flames, setting the fire alarm off in the apartment building, and burning the oven mitts to a crisp.

This example brings me to my final tip. Make sure you have a smoke detector, and check to be sure the alarm is in working order, changing the batteries at least once a year, on a regular basis.

About the Author

Ann Harrison is a totally blind author, who grew up in the small town of Rochelle, Georgia, and has moved back to her family home after living in North Georgia for several years. Ann has written many articles of general interest for a number of clients since June of 2010, including the Cordele Dispatch. She has also published a short story entitled “The Big Climb” in Awethology Light. Ann also published a story entitled “The Woods” in December Awethology Light Volume by The #Awethors. She is currently working on several novels, and a self-help book. To read more of Ms. Harrison’s inspirational writings, visit her blog at

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