Media Goes Easy on Vaccination Status of Michigan Measles Cases

Media Goes Easy on Vaccination Status of Michigan Measles Cases

It’s the story constantly repeating itself – “news” of measles cases somewhere and no mention of the vaccination status of the affected individuals. Recent cases in Ann Arbor, MI, are no exception.

Detroit Free Press warned people about catching measles from two restaurants where two measles-affected individuals visited—one in late March and one yesterday. There are no details on the individuals and no mention of their vaccination history. Instead the paper’s story just turns encyclopedic and starts regurgitating what measles is after, as expected, including a statement from a medical director urging people to get vaccinated.

The ridiculous nature of such “journalism” is that it preaches without substance. It sells a substance in a story without illustrating the relevance to the story. In this case, as in so many others before, the vaccination status of the cases in question make all the point. If the patients were vaccinated already and yet got the infection (something way more common than is propagated via media), the urge for vaccination falls flat on its face.

Is it a surprise then that media mobs conveniently ignore the need for talking about vaccination status almost every time a story comes out about measles or other infectious diseases? Naturally one would suspect whether the patients were indeed vaccinated and the vaccine effectiveness is a myth—one in many fed by the corporate media that runs vaccine ads and promotes vaccination while suppressing anti-vaccine concerns.

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