Following Litigation, CDC Releases 780000 COVID-Vaccine Injury Reports

Following Litigation, CDC Releases 780000 COVID-Vaccine Injury Reports

The disgraced and discredited health agency the CDC, for 2 years, hid from the public the reports of COVID-19 vaccine injuries it had been receiving via its app designed for such reporting. Now after the long legal fight, the CDC has released 780,000 injury reports while there are a lot more the agency is still holding from the public.

On his show Facts Matter, Roman Balmakov of The Epoch Times reported the details of the nature of injuries and how the CDC fought to keep them from the public. He noted that the released injury reports are just one-tenth of the actual number submitted to the CDC, which is about 7.8 million entries.

Meanwhile the death toll for the useless and dangerous COVID-19 shots continues to go up while the health authorities long stopped counting to shield their public health crimes against people. The latest famous name in the #diedsuddenly count is “The Daily Show” writer Tom Johnson who scolded the unvaccinated for refusing the jab.

Over in Canada, those who have survived the shots and live as vaccination victims, are being killed by another virulent force – government. Take a look.

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