CDC Looking to Change Definition of ‘Fully Vaccinated’

CDC Looking to Change Definition of ‘Fully Vaccinated’

The Corrupt and Discredited Corporation (CDC) – also deceptively called Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – is ready for its next act of mass deception: change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to add a third COVID shot to the series that makes one “fully vaccinated” officially.

Russia Today reported on Friday (October 22) that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky indicated that her agency maybe changing the definition of “fully vaccinated” in future. She was responding to a question during an online press conference about the so-called “booster” shots – additional shots of the COVID vaccines after one has taken 2 shots (or a single shot in case of Johnson & Johnson) and is considered “fully vaccinated” by the existing definition.

Walensky’s indication of the change of definition of ‘fully vaccinated” comes as little surprise to those who have seen her and her agency shifting position quickly on important issues during the so-called COVID pandemic.

Why Change the Definition?

There could be more than one motive behind the CDC’s eyeing of a change in the definition of “fully vaccinated” – one, to keep the shots rolling and thus benefiting the pharma industry while keeping sheeple in an ongoing anxiety-cycle that helps enslavement of the herds; secondly, to deceive the people about the incidence of infection and death of COVID-19 among fully vaccinated people. Official numbers from Public Health England (PHE) released last month show that fully vaccinated people died of COVID infection in numbers more than double those of unvaccinated people dying of the disease during the 6 months from February to September this year.

Change in the Definition of ‘Unvaccinated’

Health authorities working under the guidelines of CDC already have been misleading the country and the world by counting vaccinated people as “unvaccinated” – those who take one shot of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine are counted as “unvaccinated” when they are in fact vaccinated with one dose. The Oregon Health Authority was recently seen doing this to inflate the numbers of unvaccinated testing positive and getting sick with COVID.

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