Brexit without Deal – Dramatic Show of Globalist Power in Britain’s Parliament

Brexit without Deal – Dramatic Show of Globalist Power in Britain’s Parliament

The long reach of the globalist pro-EU establishment saw its climactic manifestation this week as not one, two, or a few but a whole twenty-one lawmakers of the ruling Conservative Party voted against their Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s no-deal Brexit. They “rebelled” against Johnson’s determination to free Britain from the European Union.

In retaliation to this treachery of these Jekyll-and-Hyde so-called conservatives, they were slapped with removal from the party. Of course their move in the opposition camp has made it even more difficult for Johnson to leave EU without a deal—a deceptive but highly effective tether of the establishment to keep Britain chained to the globalist gang.

The European Union had found an ideal spineless leader in Theresa May that they could hurl round and round using the tether of a “deal” while the plan always was not to let Brexit happen. Now, when Johnson is set to leave without a deal, the establishment has struck their biggest blow yet to Britain’s impending freedom from EU slavery—activating the fifth column that they probably had got prepared in case other means failed.

Is this the end of Brexit without deal? Is it the beginning of the end of the Tories? On the political chessboard it’s difficult to say what comes next in the Brexit game. Johnson sounds determined to go ahead with the no-deal Brexit but it’s clear that the globalist gang is all the more prepared to keep its slave that once used to be the master of the world.

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