How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test for Cannabis for Your Work

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test for Cannabis for Your Work

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The use of cannabis has become a ‘battlefield’ for those who firmly believe that this drug should be banned and advocates for its legal use. Given that both sides are backed up with scientific evidence, the situation is still unresolved. However, this herb tends to become conventional therapy for many diseases.

Many people use cannabis not only as a recreational drug but also as a therapy. It means that medical experts prescribe the use of marijuana. However, justifying its use does not necessarily mean that it is permitted. Sounds pretty confusing, doesn’t it?

Simply put, due to a disagreement on the laws on this delicate subject, most employers and relevant institutions still treat cannabis as an illicit substance. According to, regular drug tests are something every employee can expect at some point. Drug screening that uses strand as a sample is a common thing among employers, as it’s fast, reliable, accurate, and, above all, affordable.

So, here’s the situation – you’ve just heard ‘good news’ about scheduling a drug screening at your workplace. You took a couple of smokes a few days ago. You know that your employer will ask you to undergo a hair follicle test, and you’re afraid of its outcome. Is there anything you can do to pass it and not to endanger your job?

Hair Detox Methods

If you have reliable information that your employer insists on a hair drug test, it is logical that you need to provide a ‘clean’ hair sample. That may be a bit more difficult, as your crowning glory ‘remembers’ all the toxins you’ve been taking in the past few months; but it is not impossible.

The methods you will use to cleanse your organism of cannabis residues depend on when you expect the test. Hair detox is possible, as this process starts naturally after a few days of quitting weed, but complete purification of the body takes a long time.

Detox of hair in short notice is possible, but not entirely. It refers to reducing the amount of toxic particles in follicles to some permitted limits. This method requires the use of aggressive cleansing preparations, in the form of shampoos, conditioners, and tonics. You have to use them every day to get the best results. And applying these kits is only possible if you have at least one week until the scheduled test.

Detox in Short Time

As soon as you find about the drug screening in your company, quit weed. Every minute of being clean can help. Your goal is to get rid of existing toxins, not to accumulate new supplies. How drug particles reach your hair follicle, check on this page.

If you’re looking for shampoos for extra speed removing of drugs from your locks, keep in mind that these ‘magical’ products (still) don’t exist. So, in order to avoid wasting money and risking not to pass a drug test, don’t believe every commercial you see on the Internet.

In the case of sudden testing (in the next day or two), you can start with hair detox, but most likely it will have no effect. Fortunately, manufacturers offer kits for passing a hair drug test in short notice. These products should mask drug metabolites and make them hidden during hair analysis. The catch about their use is to apply the preparations right before you do the sampling.

What Not to Do

If you have never undergone a hair drug test before, you should know that some tricks have been used many times in the past. These days, they have no purpose at all. Drug users have used various methods to fool screenings, but everything seems to have become predictable.

For example, shaving of the entire body. While this may not necessarily be suspicious, most lab technicians will require you to repeat the test. They will send you back and ask you to come again when you’d have enough hair provide a sample from any part of the body (even pubic hair can use). In some cases, labs may surprise you quite uncomfortably. If there’s no hair, they can test you for illicit substances via blood or urine. Didn’t expect that coming?

Some types of testing on the presence of illicit substances are used more or less than a hair drug test. Check below to get information about them:,for%20employees%20in%20certain%20occupations.

Additional Tips that May Help

Therefore, it is better to spend the time before testing in a better way. Inquire about cleaning methods, and try them all. If you have enough time, make most efforts to cleanse the entire body. It means to improve your nutrition and start exercising.

Drinking enough water and natural detox drinks can speed up your metabolism. Avoiding greasy and processed food will help in melting fat deposits, where most of the drug metabolites are stored. Replace these ingredients with raw food and fibers to improve the natural cleansing process.

Inner cleaning the body may not help you with passing a hair drug test unless you devote yourself to scalp detox; but it can be beneficial in reducing the amount of drug toxins in your bloodstream (drug metabolites transfer from bloodstream to the scalp, and later, to hair). It will decrease the amount of toxins in your body, and lees of them will move to your follicles.

Learn about the hair samples procedure, and read about experiences of those who have already gone through these analyzes. First-hand experiences of drug users with do’s and don’ts for passing a drug test can be of great help.

Failing a drug test because of weed use can have significant consequences that can significantly change your life. Employers do not care what you do in your spare time, but your habits mustn’t affect your work. That’s why regular screenings on illicit substances are their way of protecting their interests, business, and reputation. And you can’t blame them. You just have to do everything you can to provide a negative result on these tests.

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