2 Children in Ukraine Paralyzed by Polio Vaccine

2 Children in Ukraine Paralyzed by Polio Vaccine

For decades the oral polio vaccine has been known to cause polio. Now the vaccine has reportedly brought polio back to Europe.oral polio vaccine

As reported on The Washington Post, WHO acknowledged the incidence of two children in southwestern part of Ukraine – ages 4 years and 10 months – falling a prey to the vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1. The story says that WHO admitted that the virus in their vaccine poses a threat to the region.

The threat to the people stems from the fact that polio can be caused by the orally administered polio vaccine and in the past when this vaccine was given to people in different parts of the world, outbreaks of paralysis started to emerge. In 2009, Nigeria saw such an outbreak paralyze over 300 children.

Later, India reported a shockingly high number of paralysis cases caused by the mutated virus from the vaccine, leading to question the “polio-free” status of India as declared by WHO.

The recent cases of polio caused by the polio vaccine in Ukraine again create the serious question over WHO’s policy of giving oral polio vaccine to millions of children around the world, particularly in the third world where they still continue to do it. Ironically, WHO continues to reiterate the weird rhetoric that the vaccine is good despite acknowledging that it can and does cripple children.

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