Laos: Boy Killed by Polio Vaccine, Disease Resurfaces with Vaccine-Derived Virus

Laos: Boy Killed by Polio Vaccine, Disease Resurfaces with Vaccine-Derived Virus

The small Asian country of Laos has been polio-free, at least officially, until now when the polio vaccine has brought the disease back to the country. The live virus in the oral polio vaccine, which can spread in communities and infect healthy people, has caused the paralysis and death of an 8-year-old boy, according to The Washington Post.

The paper cited the World Health Organization (WHO) as the source of the report – the organization that runs these vaccination campaigns across the world. WHO says the child died last month about 5 days after he was paralyzed by the vaccine-derived virus.POLIO VACCINE

The child’s identity has not been revealed, as notes BNO News, but the fact that media remained silent over the child’s paralysis and death for a month is meaningfully unusual. Every single polio case is aggressively revealed in media, especially when an unvaccinated child gest polio. When the victims are vaccinated, media tends to tone down the story and defend the vaccine, claiming it does more good than harm. However, no accountability is made for the harm done and no independent inquiry is conducted in cases where vaccine paralyzes and kills children.

UN, WHO, and local health ministries are always involved in such mock inquiries while all getting monetary and other benefits from vaccination projects that promote vaccines in the third world after they have been literally given up in US and developed west due to the serious health risks like paralysis of children by the poliovirus.

Just last month the polio vaccine brought polio back to Ukraine after decades of country’s polio-free status. Soon afterward, a child in Mali was paralyzed by the polio vaccine. Now Laos is threatened by the poliovirus contained in the vaccine, and the WHO openly admits it.

As we speak, Ukraine has put polio vaccination on halt despite the high anxiety of the WHO and insistence on continuing to vaccinate children with the same vaccine that is threatening the entire region. That is one of the few examples aside from India where the government has shown concern over the vaccine safety. But in governments that act as lapdogs to the international community, or UN, WHO and its vaccine business partners enjoy a free hand at distributing vaccines and even allowing forced and coercive measures by local governments to impose the dangerous vaccine on children.

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