The Music of Peace – A Chat with Sally Jay

The Music of Peace – A Chat with Sally Jay

by Michell SpodenSally Jay

I am glad to share my chat with Sally Jay, aka Ori Ogebe-Sheriff, a 37-year-old Gospel Artist and a child Psychiatrist.

Michell: Sally, please tell our readers about your roots and where you are from?

Sally Jay: I am from Nigeria, West Africa but I have lived in the US for almost 10 years. I grew up in a loving Christian family which I am very grateful to God for. Even though we did not have much, my parents made sure we got what we needed for life, which later I realized was much more than other people I grew up with had. The economy of most African countries has become worse since I was there and there are many children suffering, who are not getting the opportunity to become all they can be in life.

Michell: When did you begin singing?

Sally Jay: At 3 years old, I began singing a duet with my older sister; an old hymn which goes: “When I touch the hem of His garment, Jesus makes me whole.” Since then, I have been a member of the school choir at every stage of my educational settings.     

Michell: How many people are in your group?

Sally Jay: Don’t really have a group but sang with a group of friends from my church at the time – Abundant Life International Church. I am currently a member of the Lakewood church choir ensemble team.

Michell: Do you only sing Christian music?

Sally Jay: Yes, my life, talents and gifts are consecrated to Jesus Christ alone.

Michell: Have you done any tours here or to Africa?

Sally Jay: Well I hail from Nigeria, in Africa and in the United States, I have been to Washington DC, Ohio, and to Dallas and Houston in Texas.

Michell: As a Christian woman of God and Doctor of Psychiatry, please tell us what is the best advice you can give those who have children today in every nation.

Sally Jay: Children are very special gifts from God. It takes a lot of patience, grace, character, love, and much more to raise a child. I believe that only by following the guidelines set by God can we raise our children the best way.

Michell: Does your ministry have special projects to help impoverished people?

Sally Jay: Yes, we donate 50% of sales of the CD to special projects. Currently, we are supporting The Jubilee Campaign, a ministry that advocates for persecuted Christians and children in sexual slavery all over the world.

Michell: Please share with our viewers your future goals.

Sally Jay: To continue to produce godly music that will change the lives of people all over the world by bringing deep healing into their souls and to inspire people to worship God through Jesus Christ, on a more personal level. For people to find His purpose for their lives through worship. To raise money for mission work especially in poor countries through my work.

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About the Interviewer

Michell Spoden has done some dance stories through African dance where there was some acting and role play. Although she is not a professional in the field she has a great love for art, dance and music. In addition she is the author of Stricken Yet Crowned. One of her greatest dreams is to see her book put to a dance performance.

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