Was Oregon Shooter a Terrorist on Hunt for Christians?

Was Oregon Shooter a Terrorist on Hunt for Christians?

It’s been a whole day since the shocking community college shooting took place in Roseburg OR, and nearly everyone is dying to know who the killer was and what could his motive be for killing up to 13 people (some sources are reporting 10 fatalities).Kreuz

While media is prompt in revealing names of such killers, this incident only has been blamed on a 20-year old man who also died in the shooting. But his name has not been revealed. And that is raising questions. At the same time was this a terror event targeting a particular group?

One tweet however claims that the killer was specifically targeting Christians. New York Post wrote about the tweet posted by a girl whose grandmother was in a class on campus when the shooting happened and she witnessed the horror. According to that tweet, the killer lined his targets up on gunpoint and asked them whether they were Christians; those who said they were got shot in the head and those who said they weren’t Christians or chose not to answer were shot in the leg.

Obviously this report at this stage is far from verified. But can it be just rubbished? It is worth mentioning that the report of the killer asking the potential targets about their religion was also included by other sources.

If this can be verified, and it probably soon would be, then this was a reckless terror attack on Christians. Given the silence over the identity of the killer, some serious doubts are arising over the media’s policy of providing information to public.

At the same time, gun politics immediately came into play over the shooting incident. The Democrat side has started crying out their gun-control slogan and the conservatives believe that if the people on campus were armed with guns, it couldn’t have been easy for the killer to take them down so easily.

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