UN Decides Not to Investigate Yemen’s Civilian Killings by Saudi Air Raids

UN Decides Not to Investigate Yemen’s Civilian Killings by Saudi Air Raids

The United Nations Human Rights Council has decided not to investigate the killings of numerous civilians by Saudi-led coalition’s air strikes in Yemen.Air_strike_in_Sana'a_11-5-2015

New York Times says the western powers in the UN took this U-turn on the resolution for an inquiry into “human rights violations by all parties in the war in Yemen” because of Saudi objections.

In other words, the killer who is rich and is in bed with the UN forces is afraid that its cruel and reckless killings of civilians in air raids will be further exposed and make headlines worldwide. Therefore it asked the so-called United Nations to drop the idea of an investigation.

That Saudi Arabia is a global goon doesn’t need any evidence or discussion beyond their open atrocities in Yemen and worldwide. The question mark hangs on the mock humanitarian concerns of the United Nations—so openly dancing to the Saudi tunes that human rights are stuffed under the royal rags of the Saudi terror.

Of course the politically correct NYT did its spin on the issue by highlighting “all parties” as accused of atrocities, but those following the international news know the major casualties – if not all – of civilians are being caused on an almost daily basis by the Saudi-led coalition’s air strikes. The latest example of this brutality was the killing of 130 civilians hit by indiscriminate Saudi bombings in Yemen.

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