War Crime: Another MSF Hospital Targeted, This Time in Yemen

War Crime: Another MSF Hospital Targeted, This Time in Yemen

It’s not been a month that a Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, was bombed by US-airstrikes, killing at least 30 medics and patients, and now another MSF hospital has been attacked. This time the Saudi-coalition’s fighter planes targeted the hospital in Yemen.msf_international_logo_colour_cmyk_0

As seen on Aljazeera, the hospital targeted is in Yemen’s northern province of Saada. The attack left one person injured but is said to be in stable condition. However, like in case of the Kunduz incident, the attack is being seen as deliberate because MSF stresses that the coalition knew the hospital’s coordinates.

According to an MSF official cited by Aljazeera, “There is reason – to commit a war crime. To target a hospital.” Like the Kunduz attack on MSF, this is also seen as a war crime by the non-profit that reaches troubled areas to provide emergency treatment to victims of violence.

As of now, the Kunduz attack on MSF continues to be the center of questions and uncertainties as various investigation are said to be running so as to find an answer to the question of why such an incident happened.

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