NATO Attack on MSF: Will the Killers be Made Accountable?

NATO Attack on MSF: Will the Killers be Made Accountable?

Killing heroes instead of villains – has the US military come to this now? The news of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders, medics and patients killed by US air strike in Afghan city of Kunduz is greatly disturbing. How could such an outrageous incident happen despite the reports that the NATO forces knew the coordinates of the hospital?msf_international_logo_colour_cmyk_0

Daily Mail informs that 9 medics were killed by the airstrike while 30 others were missing as a result of the bombing of the hospital. BBC notes that according to MSF, all parries – Kabul and Washington included – had been notified of the hospital’s coordinates. Yet, the attack targeted the hospital, killing innocent medics as well as seven patients. Not only that but the bombing continued for about half hour AFTER the headquarters of the Afghan and US forces were informed of the attack!

NATO’s spokesman regarded it “collateral damage”, which obviously is a lame-excuse term for avoiding criticism. But when they knew that it was a hospital, is it justifiable to bomb it from the air without making any serious and responsible military action to target any terrorists hiding inside? If a terrorist hides in the White House, will they bomb it along with the President and everyone in there?

It’s utterly unreasonable to justify this kind of reckless killing and is an open exhibition of the apathy and criminalistics carelessness of those flying in the air, feeling like an eagle that has the right to make anyone its prey.

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