UK Starts Compensation for Victims of COVID-19 Shots

UK Starts Compensation for Victims of COVID-19 Shots

The British government has started compensating victims of the COVID-19 vaccines, but the media has maintained a criminalistic silence on the story.

Kyle Becker reported (August 29, 2022) that the British Medical Journal (BMJ) — one of the recently featured one of the first cases to receive payment for a COVID vaccine injury. The person who received the first compensation for COVID vaccine damage is Vikki Spit from Cumbria. Her partner, 48-year-old Zion, became ill after getting the AstraZeneca shot. Zion then died in Newcastle in May 2021.

The news of Vikki Spit winning the case for vaccine damage compensation for her partner Zion’s death appeared in News & Star in June this year.

According to BMJ, the maximum amount of compensation for such a vaccine injury is £120 000 ($150 000). The COVID-19 vaccines are listed among the vaccines whose victims are eligible for compensation by the government.

Becker noted that in the United States, COVID-19 vaccine has still not been included in the list of vaccines whose damage makes one eligible for compensation. As a reminder, the compensation is provided by government so it’s taxpayer money used to compensate people for the damage to their health and safety by vaccines manufactured by the pharmaceuticals that are exempt from liability in case of any injury or death by any vaccines.

The news of UK starting to compensate victim of the COVID vaccines has been ignored in mainstream media owing to the lack of journalistic ethics and compromised professionalism in the news industry.

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