Toronto Measles Cases and the Failure of Measles Vaccine

Toronto Measles Cases and the Failure of Measles Vaccine

While mainstream media in the United States is exhibiting a peak in fear-mongering to promote measles vaccine, an emerging episode of measles cases in Canada is hinting to a failed vaccine scenario.measles

The face-saving strategy of vaccine promoters currently relies on distinction between partly protected and “fully protected” people. Previously one shot of the measles vaccine was touted as lifelong protection from measles; however, as more and more cases of those protected people started showing the incidence of measles, the vaccine promoters shifted to fully protected people, i.e. those who receive two doses of the MMR vaccine. But are fully protected people really fully protected?

To the mortification of the vaccine industry, “fully protected” people have also been known to catch as well as spread measles. The most well-known case of such people is of a woman that came to be called Measles Mary – a fully vaccinated theater employee in New York who contracted measles and spread it on to dozens of people, at least two of whom were also fully vaccinated.

Now the measles cases in Canada appear to be repeating history. Two individuals among the first five reported in Toronto were vaccinated, and one of them had both shots, i.e. was fully vaccinated. In latest news, a sixth measles case has been reported. But for some reason—for whatever reasons—the media won’t release the patient’s vaccination status. So, getting to mainstream media’s favorite mode of emphasis by pressing percentages on the audience, in Toronto’s case, 40 percent of patients are vaccinated; 20 percent fully vaccinated, and 60 percent unvaccinated. But if the sixth patient turns out to be vaccinated – fully or partially – it’d make the proportion of vaccinated against unvaccinated 50-50, i.e. equal. What if the sixth patient was fully vaccinated? Looks like the vaccine industry is getting into some serious embarrassment here.

Regardless of the efficacy of MMR vaccine, Natural News reported yesterday that CDC itself came to the conclusion that nearly all newly vaccinated children had detectable levels of measles virus in their urine samples, i.e. they were able to communicate the disease to others. Whatever happened to claims of measles vaccine safety and protection!

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