Yemen Rebels Seize Control of the Country

Yemen Rebels Seize Control of the Country

Yemen’s Houthi rebels in Yemen have claimed taking control of the capital and a large area of the country.

Aljazeera reported that the rebels, who are of Shia sect, issued a televised statement from the country’s capital Sanaa on Friday, announcing their coup and control of the government. They also announced dissolution of the government and setting up a council for making a transitional government.Yemen map with flag inside

The development seemingly has come as a setback to the UN and United States as they have supported Sunni sect rebels in various countries, notably in Syria against the Shia government, but due to close political and corporate ties with Sunni Fundamentalist governments, like Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s former government, they don’t welcome moves against those regimes.

Meanwhile, UN envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar, reportedly left for Saudi Arabia, which has been sending armed forces to Yemen to fight the Houthi rebels.

The following YouTube video shows the Houthi rebels’ statement issued on Friday.

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