Save Children from Injury and Death by Banning Cluster Munitions

Save Children from Injury and Death by Banning Cluster Munitions

US Fund for UNICEF is asking the US Congress to keep children safe from cluster munitions.cluster bombs

With the US-led war on terror going on in various regions of the world, cluster munitions remain a serious threat to safety of children since the bomblets in these weapons may not go off upon impact with the ground. Hence, the unexploded bomblets lie dormant in the land, and can maim or kill a child who happens to stumble across them.

Yet, as described in this petition on Care2, the US Defense Department is not willing to give up using these outdated, life-threatening weapons until at least 2018. This implies life-threatening risk for countless children across the troubled regions of the world where such weapons are used.

Now, as Congress will be considering a newly introduced Cluster Munitions Civilian Protection Act, activists are calling on all Americans to ask their senators to support this act and help save vulnerable children from serious injuries and death caused by cluster munitions.

The petition is close to gathering 20K signatures while aiming at a 25K cap.

Readers can sign the petition online.

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