Rapid Fire with Jewel Kats

Rapid Fire with Jewel Kats

Award-winning author Jewel Kats writes empowering books for children with special needs. Her book Cinderella’s MagicalJewel Kats Wheelchair has received wide media attention and critical acclaim. Kats happen to be the princess with special needs, and that only means greater ability to inspire and uplift those who feel bad about their disabilities. Let’s have Kats for a Rapid Fire!

1: Books or Films

JK: Chick flicks! My all-time favorite is Isn’t She Great? with Bette Midler.

2: Salt or Sugar

JK: Bring the salt on, baby.

3: Pink or Purple

JK: Tickle me pink. 🙂

4: Classic or Modern

JK: Modern. I fall asleep reading or watching the classics. Though, I’m intrigued by classical furniture and fashion.

5: Rain or Sun

JK: Sunshine makes me want to scream with JOY!

6: Toronto or New York

JK: Um, hello??? I’m a born and raised Toronto girl. Home is where the heart is.

7: Tom or Jerry

JK: Neither. I love Miss Piggy.

8: Gossip or Silence

JK: I’m actually on the quiet side. Silence is more of my cup of coffee.

9: Gold or Silver

JK: Both! (Ha, ha. I just cheated)

10: Christmas or Halloween

JK: I believe in Santa.

Visit http://www.jewelkats.com/ to learn more about Kats and her work.

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