Rhode Island Democrats Push for Doubling Tax on the Unvaccinated

Rhode Island Democrats Push for Doubling Tax on the Unvaccinated

Democrats in Rhode Island are pushing a new law to target the unvaccinated residents including parents of unvaccinated children with financial penalties. Their proposed penalties include a much higher tax rate and a monthly fine.

Introduced on March 01, 2022, by democrat state senator Samuel Bell and others, the bill S-2552 dubbed as “Immunization Against COVID-19” mandates COVID vaccination for all residents of the state that are age 10 or older. In case of violation of the bill’s vaccine mandate, the unvaccinated persons and/or parents of unvaccinated kids will be forced to pay a state tax double than the regular tax rate applicable to all. The law, if passed, will also impose a fine of $50 per month for each unvaccinated person or parent of unvaccinated minors.

While the proposed law allows exemptions, the nature and requirements of exemption from COVID vaccination are recklessly oppressive. The bill allows only medical exemptions so it is left to the doctors to decide whether a person, adult or minor, can be allowed to opt out of taking the shots. The condition of exemption as stated in the bill (sub-section d) notes:

The petition of exemption must be for medical reasons and must be signed by three (3) licensed physicians stating that the person is not a fit subject for immunization against COVID-19 for medical reasons.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the state government will move its health department to decide whether an exemption application will be accepted. The new law would also punish an employer who fails to fire an unvaccinated worker or one who fails to provide a vaccination certificate. The government will fine such an employer $5000 a month.

“It’s self-evident that this sort of legislation is a violation of Rhode Islanders’ individual liberty,” wrote The Gateway Pundit.

Speaking against the oppressive bill, Juanita Broaddrick posted on Gettr, “Democrats are so damn evil.” She included the contact information for Senator Bell as shared in a Tweet by conservative news source WCBM.

Juanita Gettr Post

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