Oregon County Orders White People to Wear Masks, Non-Whites Exempt

Oregon County Orders White People to Wear Masks, Non-Whites Exempt

In a blatant display of racial discrimination, Lincoln County in Oregon ordered white people to wear face masks in public but allowed “people of color” to not wear one if they fear racial discrimination.

New York Post reported on Tuesday that the county has exempted non-whites from mask-wearing requirement “to prevent racial profiling”.

This lame excuse of making one race cover their faces while letting others choose whether or not they want to cover theirs has brought the “systematic racism” out in the same liberals who run Oregon and cry “systematic racism” to create a white-vs-non-white conflict—thus aiming at non-white votes. Of course they know that white liberals are going to vote them no matter what.

The orders also expose the fake concern for public health when it comes to mask-wearing requirements. If there really is a dangerous coronavirus 2 out there and a mask protects you (of which there is no real scientific evidence), allowing anyone to not wear mask will be putting their health at risk. But until now, informed civilians and critics know well that the COVID 19 is a hoax perpetrated by the globalist establishment worldwide to take control of people and rig the elections while also imposing a vaccine and hurting the economies to create economic crises.

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