Muslim Immigrant Rape Epidemic in the West

Muslim Immigrant Rape Epidemic in the West

In 2012, a Buddhist woman in Myanmar was raped and murdered by a group of Rohingya Muslim men, all hell broke loose. The native Buddhists attacked and were in turn attacked by the immigrant Rohingya Muslims. Lots of bloodshed and violence that made headline news across the world left thousands and thousands of victims. A nation went to war over a rape. But what happened in the developed west when immigrant Muslims started raping young non-Muslims there?

What mass immigration from the third world does to developed nations is obvious in no other place as the United Kingdom. The disturbing details of the rape epidemic in Britain caused by immigrant Muslims, mainly from Pakistan, has been covered up and ignored in mainstream media for decades. British patriot activist Tommy Robinson committed to exposing it – and he was targeted by the globalist establishment including mainstream propaganda media.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other leftist establishment social media sites permanently banned Tommy Robinson in 2018 and 2019 over “hate speech” concerns although it’s clear that these are sites that work with leftist and Islamist lobbies that work toward invasion of conservative white societies with non-white, mainly Muslim migrants.

Tommy Robinson has since taken to alternative/free speech social media sites like VK where he shares his activism work focusing on bringing out the truth about the corrupt and compromised British politicians, institutions, and media that ignore or cover up for these crimes. And he enjoys a fairly large following on these platforms.

In the following video, titled The Rape Of Britain, Tommy shares his presentation before a Russian audience on the topic of Muslim rape gangs in Britain. The video was posted to VK last month (May 2020). The video description says:

This video has been taken down by YouTube because of its damaging factual content.

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