American Airlines Blames the Child Who Reported Pedophile Flight Attendant

American Airlines Blames the Child Who Reported Pedophile Flight Attendant

The disgraceful American Airlines has made news again, and one could tell without even learning what news that it’s not something flattering. On the contrary, the airline’s attorney blamed a nine-year-old that reported a pedophile flight attendant who tried to take her picture in the plane’s lavatory during a flight.

The Western Journal reported the story of the airline’s attorney making the statement that the child should have known that it was not safe to use the lavatory – where the pedo flight attendant had taped a cell phone with its camera running to the toilet seat. The statement caused an outrage, and no outrage can be strong enough over such a hideous blame-the-victim response from the airline.

Seeing the backlash, American Airlines quickly walked back their attorney’s statement calling it an “error”. Really? “How do you fuck something like that up so egregiously?” This is what we are all would ask.

Over the past few years, American Airlines has been the leading scandalous airlines in the manufactured pandemic years when federal health agencies recommended mask mandates on flights. American Airlines became the Covidiot Nazi in the front row, showing no mercy or humanity for even a 2-year-old.

But at the same time, this is the same airline that allowed John Kerry to travel without a mask.

Can this Anti-American Airline go any lower and still not get bankrupt?

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