Bacterial Pneumonia and Other Health Risks of Wearing Masks Alarm Doctors

Bacterial Pneumonia and Other Health Risks of Wearing Masks Alarm Doctors

You are told to wear a mask to prevent coronavirus infection. But do you know that wearing masks can cause way more dangerous, even life-threatening health effects as shown by scientific studies and professional observation of medical experts?

While the authorities worldwide have thoughtlessly imposed wearing face masks on unsuspecting public, medical doctors critical of the establishment’s health policies are speaking up against the mask mandate and citing health risks associated with wearing masks.

In August, Dr. James Meehan warned of the serious health risks that come with masks at a press conference, the video of which was posted in The Activist Post last month. He summarized the health risks associated with wearing masks, ranging from skin infections to bacterial pneumonia. Dr. Meehan said that reports from around the world are pointing at a notable rise in bacterial pneumonia among people using masks. He said such health issues arise when people suffer reduced oxygen supply due to wearing masks. He also told of an incidence where one patient wearing a mask passed out due to low oxygen while at work and fell off a ladder, resulting in serious physical injuries.

The Activist Post wrote that Dr. Meehan and other concerned doctors as well as some business owners have filed a lawsuit against the mayor and health department of Tulsa, OK, over their mask mandates. The business owners say in light of the science showing the health risks associated with masks, they do not want to put their employees at risk by enforcing the mask mandate required by the city.

In related news, a couple of months ago, The New York Post reported on the oral health damage associated with wearing masks. Dr. Rob Ramondi was cited by the paper telling that they are seeing patients with no previous history of oral diseases develop decaying teeth and diseased gums due to wearing masks for long hours, a condition the doctors dubbed “mask mouth”.

39 thoughts on “Bacterial Pneumonia and Other Health Risks of Wearing Masks Alarm Doctors

  1. My doctor has warned the CDC and the American lung association multiple times about some of her patients getting sick from wearing a mask. Both have replied its impossible but have refused to send any data backing their proof up. My doctor has sent plenty of her documentation to back up her proof, the CDC and the lung association have refused to even respond to her or the hospital where she also has privileges. I have bad lungs and every time I’ve been FORCED TO WEAR A MASK more than an hour I’ve ended up with bronchitis. Proven facts. So tell the CDC and the lung association to shove it as they will not respond to any of my requests or my questions.

    1. I now have 3 teeth that need to be pulled and am on my second bout of bacterial pneumonia. My oncology doctor wanted me to go to the ER. NO WAY! They would stick a vent down my throat and let me die.

      Btw, I also have connective tissue disease. I shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask.

  2. I don’t know how legit this news cite is it seems like it’s really conservative. Does anyone have any news cites regarding bacterial infections or any other side effects to wearing masks that are neither conservative or liberal?

    1. My dad had to wear a mask for other reasons for about a year, any time he went out. Contracted and hospitalized with bacterial pneumonia twice and both times, his Dr stated it was most likely due to the mask he was having to wear. He had Dad stop wearing it, and Dad never contracted bacterial pneumonia again. Although it was a risk for Dad to not wear the mask, the Dr said the pneumonia issue it was causing was a greater risk.

    2. Why does it matter if it leans right? Those of us on the right have been correct about EVERYTHING anyway, so it’s about time people start listening.

    3. What on earth does this have to do with “right” or “left” politics? People are getting sick. It is becoming obvious that not only do these masks not HELP, but they are making people sick. This has nothing to do with politics . . . unless you make it so. No one should be forcing another person to wear something as counterintuitive and counterproductive and unnatural as a face mask to obstruct their breathing. It is not about politics.

  3. I m wondering if there is a class action lawsuit that anyone is aware of as my daughter has contracted pneumonia as well. She must wear a mask at work and she had a bacterial infection on her skin as well. I know ten people that have gotten bacterial infections on their skin. My sister has to wear a mask at work and it funnels up into glasses and gets goopy eyes( pink eye). Any info would be food.

  4. I think this is pretty easy to prove. If your wearing the same mask day in day out like a lot of people are then bacteria will build up inside the mask. Especially the cloth masks. I can’t see why anyone would dismiss this.

    Also, where is the proof that masks can even protect from viral infection. It is mad. I have been wearing a lanyard past couple months and I would encourage anybody who has a bit of sense to do the same. Actually, I have worn it even at the airport and on a plane, in pubs, shops, public transport and taxis, and no one has stopped me.

    1. Remember, Alex, that a mask is not only to protect you but also to help prevent you – and all other mask wearers, from breathing all those bugs over everyone else. Surgeons don’t wear those paper masks to protect themselves but to stop their breath from possibly infecting whoever’s on the operating table.
      By the way, I though a lanyard was one of those things you hang around your neck with an ID card attached or a press-pass maybe.

      1. There are two points to be made here. The first and most obvious is that these masks are NOT protecting the other person either. Whatever you breathe out is out. Unless you hold your breath or have a military-style gas mask you are going to be exhaling into the atmosphere. You could look up some visual demonstrations of this online if you like. So much for “protecting someone else”. Secondly, we should not be forced to “protect” someone else at a greater cost to our own health. No one has the right to ask this of us. It is not our duty to sacrifice our own health for the “greater good”. This is along the lines of those girls they threw into the volcano in order to protect the rest. This kind of thinking is immoral. I have no right to ask you to compromise your health for my benefit, or do you have that right as regards my health. We own our own bodies. Society does not own them. If someone feels his health is too fragile to be in the room with normal people who are breathing the air freely he should isolate himself and protect himself. Frankly, unless he has a seriously compromised immune system (in which case HE should not wear a mask) the fresh air might do him a lot of good. WE ARE SOVEREIGN OVER OUR OWN BODIES. If we were not then the pedophilia and human trafficking would not be a crime either.

      2. You’re being sarcastic, right? Just not adding the /sarc.

        You couldn’t possibly be serious.

        Surgeons are using both hands and can’t cover the sneeze–that’s the reason for the mask. They’re still exhaling bacteria–that’s why surgeons scrub their hands and don’t touch anything else until after surgery.

        Guess what else happens in a surgical theater: they pump in extra oxygen because the slave muzzle reduces the amount of oxygen you’re breathing.

        We aren’t disease vectors–breathing is just one of those things we get to do around other people. The idea that I’m in any way responsible for someone else’s health is communist.

  5. If there was such a major issue, the medical profession would have been all over this long ago. Surgeons wear masks for hours at a time. I have emphysema and haven’t had many problems. I do change my masks every time I use though and maybe people aren’t doing that.‍♀️

    1. First, Dr. Meehan is a medical expert and he says he has seen reports from all over confirming this. Secondly, mainstream media and establishment doctors won’t honestly inform people of the risks or give them relevant information if it undermines the establishment narrative. So silence doesn’t mean nothing is wrong. For example, one study from the 90s found that masks didn’t prevent infection wounds in patients ( – so they are virtually useless. As for personal example, because you didn’t experience anything doesn’t mean it’s true for all. Lots of people suffer vaccine injuries and allergic reactions from vaccination while there are those who don’t. Personal experience varies. Finally, lack of studies doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t exist. A problem may well be there but not reported.

    2. Not a good example. Surgeons only stand in one place for hours. Nurses assist them. Businesses forcing employees to wear masks is causing harm to their employees without knowing it. Following bogus guidelines by CDC…. Wearing masks causes one to rebreathe in their own WASTE. That is what your exhale is. Its poison to your system and kills the cells in your body. People need to wake up. Call your Health department and share this article. Share this article with your congressmen and state representatives. Get the word out now.

    3. Hon, the communists are forcing us to do what they say, and are suppressing medical professionals who are actually screaming about the harm we’re doing to ourselves with the slave muzzles.

      I couldn’t care less if you want to muzzle yourself and screw with your already messed up lungs. Cause guess what? If you have COPD, you’re on OXYGEN.

      Surgical theaters pump in extra oxygen. Guess why? Because we need it to think clearly and to function properly.

      Don’t be a silly communist.

  6. I am healthy but wearing a mask gives me the same feeling as when I go to Denver or high altitude — lack of oxygen, tired after a few blocks, feeling of not being able to breath in all the way. And that is after multiple covid tests and moving temporarily to Taiwan where Covid is virtually nonexistent, but you are still expected to wear a mask out of courtesy. There is something about it that I instinctively hate.

    1. Yeah the people in Taiwan care about their families and the greeter good of all people. Americans are selfish and only care about themselves. That’s what you hate about it! Haha also everyone above talking about bacterial infections from their masks, you need to wash or change them you fools. Don’t wear the same dirty mask, do you not change your underwear and then wonder why you get an infection? I mean come on people.

      1. And just like that a narrow minded, arrogant being throws a personal and very direct attack and a group of people doing her no harm! you are part of the problem. Suppose a very vulnerable person complaining of such a serious risk to their health should stop thinking about themselves (unlike other cultures) behaving like fools. You very silly arrogant being.haha yeah you are!

      2. “I mean come on people.” Not much of an argument, Kelly.

        The slave muzzle does nothing except virtue signal and do you harm.

        I am not responsible for anyone else’s health. Not ever, and neither are you. If I were, then the 88% of Americans who are obese would be tied to a bed and fed good food until they weren’t fat. But I’m not responsible for them; only for me.

        We are Americans, with strong immune systems, and a love of liberty.

        You understand that people get bacterial pneumonia even when wearing the paper surgical slave muzzle, right? You don’t change those, you throw them away. Long term use compromises your immune system.

        It also makes you a muzzle faced monster because you’ve rejected your humanity.

  7. I got a severe case of bacterial pneumonia in August 2020. Wore a mask sent to me by my insurance company Humana. It had their logo and I liked the green color. It made me sick and I was rushed to the hospital unconscious. I spent 3 days in ICU and a total of 6 weeks in the hospital. I am just barely over 65. My Dr. admitted it was from the mask months later.

    1. I am sorry for the loss of your dog and all you had to go through. How did your doctor confess? (verbally talking to you in person or on phone)? If you have record of that confession, I’d say call an attorney to discuss suing your company. Is there any colleague of yours that also go sick after using that company mask?

  8. If there is a class action lawsuit for bacterial pneumonia from mask wearing i would like to know about it. I have medical records to prove my illness. I was healthy before my illness and almost died from sepsis. I was unconscious for 5 days before they found me. I lost my dog because of this sudden illness. They sent her to a shelter where she died.

    1. You went five days without food or water? That sounds like some kind of record.

      I’m 78, and a heart patient. I have been wearing disposable blue surgical masks, and have never had trouble getting enough air, even when wearing it all day. The only annoyance is when my glasses fog up in the cold. I can’t think of any reason why one would catch a bacterial infection from a mask unless the bacteria were allowed to develop in it. This free mask you were sent, did you ever think to wash and disinfect it? Surely it is not the only one you have?

  9. Think of what makes a great growth environment for bacterial or mold colonies…

    A permeable surface

    All three are present inside a mask – especially the cloth ones. It’s like strapping a petri dish with active cultures to your face.

    Secondly – the Covid virus is 1/800th the diameter of the average human hair. A hair can easily pass through almost any cloth mask. – 800 viruses could pass through that same hole side-by-side – Thousands more in reality. Sure they may be in aerosol droplets – But what happens to the water in such droplets caught by a mask? They evaporate thereby freeing the virus particles to pass through – The water of course will also feed bacteria and mold spores in the fabric.

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