Neo-Nazi Chancellor Schallenberg of Austria Resigns

Neo-Nazi Chancellor Schallenberg of Austria Resigns

Austria’s chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has announced that he is stepping down. His decision of resignation from his office comes two weeks after he imposed tyrannical lockdowns on Austrians, particularly targeting the unvaccinated.

Russia Today reported that Austria’s chancellor Schallenberg announced his resignation just two months after assuming the chancellor’s office.  Just hours prior to his announcement, the former chancellor and party leader Sebastian Kurz announced quitting politics and resigning from party leadership, effective from tomorrow (Friday).

Schallenberg said he believes “that both positions – head of government and leader of the Austrian party with the most votes – should soon once again be held by the same person.”

It is not clear whether this is the real reason for his decision to quit or the mass protests he triggered across the country over his tyrannical vaccine mandate that he announced last month played a role in his resignation. Following Schallenberg’s imposition of restrictions on unvaccinated people, protesters in Salzburg carried signs of “Revolution” as they marched against chancellor Schallenberg’s war on the unvaccinated. Public protests against the vaccine dictatorship of Chancellor Schallenberg continue to fill the streets in Austria.

Germany Follows Suit

In Germany, leftist chancellor Angela Merkel announced restrictions on the unvaccinated similar to Schallenberg’s restriction in Austria. Washington Examiner reported that Germany is using a supposed surge in COVID-19 cases and the new omicron variant as the justification for these discriminatory restrictions.

One of the new restrictions includes the so-called “2G” rule, which means that only vaccinated and previously infected individuals get access to nonessential retail, cultural events, and leisure events.

Interestingly, the hypothetical omicron variant, whose existence has not been scientifically proven, was allegedly discovered in four fully vaccinated individuals in Botswana. Vision Times reported on November 26 that the omicron variant was “first detected in four fully vaccinated diplomats from an undisclosed country.”

On December 1st, CDC claimed without evidence that the omicron variant was detected in a fully vaccinated person in California.

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