Is It Right To Claim Compensation For An Injury At Work?

Is It Right To Claim Compensation For An Injury At Work?

by Daniel Bell

Have you had an injury at work? If so, you’re perhaps wondering what to do about it, if anything. It can often be an awkward position to get put in for many reasons. First, you might feel that the injury sustained was something you could have avoided.

Secondly, you might think that your boss won’t think you’re good at your job. That’s because you might feel that they think you “allowed” yourself to get injured. And, third, you may believe that “making a fuss” about it could cause you to lose your job.workplace-injury

But, here’s the thing: what happens if the injury you received WASN’T your fault? In those cases, it’s clear that you are eligible to seek personal injury compensation. Of course, that poses a moral dilemma: should you claim for compensation?

To be honest, seeking compensation is right and offers you more advantages than disadvantages. Here’s why:

You shouldn’t take the blame for someone’s negligence

Many workplace accidents occur because of various problems. They often happen because of negligence on the employer’s part. Examples include:

  • Poor or no staff training;
  • Faulty machinery and equipment;
  • Slip and fall hazards that never get addressed by management; and
  • A culture of “passing the buck” in the workplace.

Seeking compensation ensures any health and safety issues are prominent in the workplace. According to Zaner Harden lawyers, education is often a good thing to come from such a sorry tale.

You need to pay for your medical bills

What happens if your injury is so severe, you can’t work for a long period? And what about if your medical expenses reach thousands of dollars? In those cases, you are seldom going to feel happy about paying for those costs.

If your injury is a result of workplace negligence, your employer should pay for your care. After all; it’s their fault that you are in this position in the first place! Yes, you might have private medical insurance. But, it should be your employers that pay the bills, not you. It’s only fair, after all.

You won’t get fired for making a compensation claim

The law says that it is illegal for a company to fire an employee because they make a personal injury claim. The onus is on your bosses to ensure you are working in a safe environment. If you didn’t get injured, it would only have been a matter of time before someone else did.

So, if you are wrestling with this moral dilemma, don’t be fearful that you’ll lose your job. Because you won’t; the law will make sure of that!

You will make sure no-one else gets injured like you did

Was your injury the result of a faulty machine or lack of safety training in your working area? If so, there’s one thing you can count on. And that’s the fact that your case will prevent anyone else suffering from the same injuries.

It’s important your employer understands the importance of health and safety in the workplace. The sad truth is that it’s cases like this that are the only way to make that happen.

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