A Sense of Justice: 5 Virtues of Becoming a Lawyer

A Sense of Justice: 5 Virtues of Becoming a Lawyer

by Daniel Bell

The job of a solicitor is a wonderful career. It’s a chance to give something back to the community and instil a sense of judgement. You’ll come home from work feeling like you made a real difference in people’s lives. And, indeed, the world. There’s a warm glow of pride inside every lawyer. After all, it’s a long, hard training scheme to get there.justice

Lawyers tend to get a bad reputation in many circles. Perhaps it’s the endless compensation claims we see on our TV screens. Perhaps it’s the few corrupt officials and heartless lawyers. These are few and far between. Much more common are the hard-working, proud people that service our legal system. Here are the five virtues of becoming a lawyer.

1. Helping others

Pursuing a career as a lawyer allows you to help others. Those who require a lawyer are often in difficult trouble with no-one to turn to. The criminal defense attorney Jeffry Mandell told us that his clients are often the most helpless in society. They become involved in dangerous activities out of necessity, and land in troubled waters. It’s the solicitor’s job to help them see a better future and turn their life around. The same thing happens in family law where couples and children are often torn apart. The family solicitor will help bring the family back together with amicable terms.

2. A sense of justice

Of course, the sense of justice involved with a career in law is unparalleled. You’ll come home every day with a sense that right has prevailed. Whether it’s criminal law, business law, or family issues, it’s the lawyer’s job to find justice. It’s their job to listen to both sides and find the truth and honesty behind it. In most cases, justice is delivered and society is all the better for it.

3. Global influence

In particularly high-profile cases, your career can influence millions of others. Some criminal law cases are reported around the world, as others latch on to the justice system. The ruling may become a precedent and change the lives of countless others. Perhaps the case will be taught in law school and influence thousands of new lawyers. Your job can inspire a very real change around the world.

4. Intellectual challenge

We’re all looking for a career that challenges us on an intellectual level. As humans, we seek out inspiration and stimulation. As a lawyer, you’ll use that intellectual capacity every single day. You’ll always search for new ways to present a case. You’ll hunt out the unique angle and craft that closing statement to perfection. If you’re dealing with contracts, you’ll create a mental database of legal statistics and figures. It’s highly stimulating.

5. Inspirational work environment

Every day you’ll walk into court surrounded by decades of justice and judicial history. It never fails to inspire. Everyone around you shares a similar passion for the job, and a sense of right and wrong.

Choosing the legal path is a rewarding career. It stimulates you on every level, and helps you feel like you’re making a difference.

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