Greenpeace Activists Charged with Piracy in Russia

Greenpeace Activists Charged with Piracy in Russia

More than two dozen Greenpeace activists arrested by Russian guards two weeks ago have been charged with piracy in Russia.Greenpeace activists

All 30 arrested, including two freelance journalists, face piracy charges, according to Russia Today; and if convicted, they face up to 15 years in prison. The activists were protesting against drilling in Arctic for an oil rig belonging to the energy giant Gazprom.

In an email update to supporters, Greenpeace rejected the charges as “ludicrous”.

“I know that’s why the Russian authorities stormed our ship last week,” wrote activist John Sauven from Greenpeace. “Because they know and we know that no one else will stand up to Big Oil in a place as remote, dangerous and pristinely important as the Arctic. We are truly the only ones standing in their way.”

Of now, Greenpeace has launched a donation page to gather funds for fighting for its activists arrested and charged with piracy in Russia.

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