Film Quiz 34 – Just Name the Movie

Film Quiz 34 – Just Name the Movie

October is long gone; and before November slips away beyond return, the Film Quiz returns to bring you a new one to answer. This time, it’s something different. But before we get to Quiz 34, as always, the previous one must be answered.

Answer Desk

Thanks for getting to the Answer Desk.

So you still wondering what movie and actor you saw in Quiz 33? We have a movie buff who told it correctly. Dave Vaughan on Codias wrote: “Dabney Coleman Short Time, funny movie” – and it’s exactly right, including the funny part.

Short Time (1990) by director Gregg Champion is quite a funny movie with a highly entertaining plot and really good direction. The story of a cop who learns he has just days to live because of a fatal disease, leading him to try getting killed in the line of duty to get the insurance money to his family, is well executed in the film’s scenes from beginning to the end. Dabney Coleman, the actor in the pic, played the lead character of Detective Burt Simpson and brought its funny and sad sides with great talent to life on the screen. It’s a highly entertaining movie, and not to miss for those who love action comedies.

Now, you are all set to move on to the Quiz Window.

Quiz Window

Howdy! Welcome to the Quiz Window. Glad you made it here safe and sound – and knowing a tad more about movies. Let’s test your MQ (Movie–IQ) with Quiz 34.

Instead of asking about actors or actresses, this quiz is only about the movie. And no, it’s not a western or horror, nor comedy or thriller. This time, it’s a romantic movie – a nice drama with an engaging plot. It’s from the late ‘70s – and the movie has at the core of its story a major road accident that changes the lives of the lead characters. So here’s your shot for Quiz 34.

Quiz 34

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