Quiz 35 – Guess Who’s the Actor in This ’70s Movie

Quiz 35 – Guess Who’s the Actor in This ’70s Movie

And just like this came the new year before our hands got used to writing 2021 without error. So welcoming to Quiz 35 – the first of the year 2022 – let’s get to the answer desk for the previous quiz.

Answer Desk

You have safely arrived at the Answer Desk. Enjoy!

In Quiz 34, you saw a screenshot from a ‘70s movie and were asked to name the movie? The image showed a character in a hospital bed with no face visible. The hint in the quiz made it clear why – the character had a major accident and her face was bandaged all over. Yeah, her face – so it’s the female lead we are talking about having an accident. The movie in question is The Promise (1979) by Gilbert Cates.

The Promise is an engaging story that starts like a familiar romantic story—rich guy (Stephen Collins) falling in love with an average girl (Kathleen Quinlan) and his mother (Beatrice Straight) not liking the match – actually hating it. Things become complicated for the love birds when a road accident destroys the girl’s face, giving the guy’s mom an opportunity to strike a deal with the vulnerable girl: pay for all her medical bills, including a cosmetic surgery that will give her a new face, provided she leaves the state and gets out of her son’s life forever. But when they meet again, will he recognize her?

Bollywood remade the movie as Yeh Vaada Raha (1982). How couldn’t they? (rhetorical of course)

Now, we move on to the Quiz Window for Quiz 35.

Quiz Window

Alrighty! This time we are doing an actor quiz again. Let’s test your MQ (Movie–IQ) with a still from an early ‘70s TV movie. Here’s your shot.

Quiz 35

For Quiz 35 – who’s the actor you see here?

Hint: The movie is a crime thriller and one of the earliest movies of the actor in the screenshot, who plays a bad guy in it.

Please post your answers using the comment box below. Happy guessing in the new year!

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