Snow of Tianshan Mountain (2007)

Snow of Tianshan Mountain (2007)

In a Chinese desert town in 1970s, 12-year-old Tianshan finds himself struggling with the question of who his real parents are while the couple that raised him is shy of talking about it.  Directed by Hui Zhang, Snow of Tianshan Mountain (2007) is a soulful drama that shows the poignant reality of human relations through the eyes of a child.

Starring Wang Jinsong, Shengwen Yang, Xiaoguang Hu, Peng Li, the movie has many heart-touching moments as it shows the dilemma of the main characters related through Tianshan. While little information is available about the movie and it’s not listed on IMDb, Snow of Tianshan Mountain is currently posted to YouTube. So enjoy it while it’s available.

Chinese Title: 天山雪

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