Film Quiz 33 – Actor and Movie You Would Love to Guess

Film Quiz 33 – Actor and Movie You Would Love to Guess

It’s been awfully long since Quiz 32 asked you to identify the actress and the movie, if you can. So it’s time to put the next quiz out. But before moving to Quiz 33, we’ll answer the previous one for you. Oh, and we are replacing “rooms” with “desks” and “windows” – just for a change, you know. You’ll see how it works.

Answer Desk

Thanks for checking with the Answer Desk. The actress you saw in the shot in Quiz 32 is Justine Bateman who used to be famous back in the 80s as a teen in the famous sitcom Family Ties. The movie from which the shot was taken is In the Eyes of a Stranger (1992), a made-for-TV thriller about a girl who witnesses a murder on a train and could be the next victim of a criminal gang. But when a troubled cop (Richard Dean Anderson) is assigned to protect her, some disturbing secrets start coming out. This is a wonderful romantic thriller that keeps you glued to the screen from the opening to the very end.

You are now ready to move on to the Quiz Window.

Quiz Window

Welcome to the Quiz Window. Glad you made it here safe and sound – and knowing a tad more about movies. Let’s test your MQ (Movie–IQ) with Quiz 33.

For this one, you will see a shot from a very entertaining movie from the early ’90s – a movie that has its funny moments, its chase and fight scenes, and an inspiring message by its depiction of love for family. So here’s your shot for Quiz 33.

Quiz 33

Can you tell the name of the movie and the actor?

Hint: This movie also has a cop as its protagonist – just like the previous quiz.

As always, put your answers in the comment box below. See ya all at the next quiz.

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