Tampa Zoo Starts Injecting Animals with Experimental COVID Vaccine

Tampa Zoo Starts Injecting Animals with Experimental COVID Vaccine

After forcing COVID-19 vaccines on people around the world, the criminals working for the pharma industry have started injecting healthy animals with useless and potentially dangerous COVID-19 shots. A Tampa zoo is doing it already.

Tampa Bay Times on October 14 reported that ZooTampa has started injecting its animals with a COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Michigan-based pharmaceutical Zoetis.

ZooTampa has begun to vaccinate animals, including threatened and endangered species, that are susceptible to COVID-19.

The story, however, does not cite any scientific evidence that animals are susceptible to the disease. What it does tell is that the vaccine they are injecting into the animals has been approved for “investigational authorization” by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). In other words, the Tampa zoo is using its animals as guinea pigs for testing this new vaccine without any solid evidence of or concern over its safety.

Tampa Zoo animals screesnhot
ZooTampa giving a skunk the COVID shot. Screenshot @ BitChute

ZooTampa is not the only zoo that is using its animals as lab rats for the vaccine industry. The story says that nearly 70 zoos, research institutions, and sanctuaries are giving animals the COVID-19 shot developed by Zoetis.

WRAL reported today that the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro has also started injecting animals with the COVID-19 vaccine.

The zoo will vaccinate primates first, followed by all big cats, bears, wolves and otters.

Animals are easy targets – helpless and voiceless – their only defense being escape into the wild. In captivity, like in the Tampa Zoo or any research institution, they are completely defenseless and at the mercy of their captors. Unlike people, the animals cannot say no to shots as they are not given that option. The resistance against COVID shots imposed by the Biden administration and businesses partnering with it won’t be seen in animals. Thus the authorities are free to do whatever to they want with these dependent living beings. It is unlikely that the deaths and injuries in the animals caused by the vaccine will be adequately reported, if at all.

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