Federal Judge Rules for Anti-American Horse Slaughter

Federal Judge Rules for Anti-American Horse Slaughter

Admit or not, but courts are one of the worst places for getting justice and/or peace. When it comes to animal rights andHorse compassion, the courts usually side with aggressors, ratifying and paving way for cruelty. Horse safety in America is a litmus test for testing this claim about courts.

On 1st November, a federal judge in Albuquerque, NM, cleared the way for horse slaughter in US, as reported by CBS News. The ruling came in the face of opposition to horse slaughter by New Mexico Attorney General Gary King and Gov. Susana Martinez.

Meanwhile a petition on Change.org is asking the Government to declare horse as the National Animal of US. The petition by the American Horse Protection Alliance states that horses “served and died for American Citizens in combat and in other areas of service and deserves such an honor.”

We see through all these petitions how American people love horses with reports of at least 80 percent of Americans opposing horse slaughter. But do these authorities scare?

A country that was literally built on horseback, is now ready to cut its ancestor’s companions into pieces. Reason? Self-interested government; corrupt judiciary; and exercise of undue authority in name of democracy. What’s really left in a land where justice means slaughter? Death, blood, coldness, and darkness …

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