My Last Photo — Photopages of Loved Ones Lost to Addiction

My Last Photo — Photopages of Loved Ones Lost to Addiction

by Gary MendellLast Photo

In death, we remember life; in darkness, light.

The true toll of addiction can’t be expressed in statistics.

It’s etched on the faces of those who we’ve lost to this disease – their bright eyes and shining smiles, reminders of the futures cut short and lives shattered.

Today we launch an important project to tell the full story of addiction through images and memories of our sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters who succumbed to addiction. It is a tribute to those who we miss so dearly. Together we say, “We will never forget you, and with you in our hearts we will work to end the suffering from this disease.”

I know it’s a very personal request, so let me start with my own story.

My son Brian was the most compassionate person I have ever known. He was the closest friend I have ever had. However Brian also struggled with addiction to alcohol and other drugs. For nearly 10 years, he endured the pain, isolation, and stigma of this disease.

On October 20, 2011, my Brian took his own life. He was 25 years old.

Tragedies like this occur far too often — every four minutes another death is attributed to addiction here in the U.S. Behind these numbers lie story after story of wonderful, compassionate, loving individuals like Brian.

Through My Last Photo, we can make sure the world knows how much we loved them — and end the stigma of addiction once and for all.

If you lost someone to addiction, we welcome you to share your memories with the Shatterproof community. Tell us your story today:

Thank you,

Gary Mendell
Founder, Shatterproof

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