FDA Doesn’t Want People to See Full Pfizer Vaccine Data Before 2076

FDA Doesn’t Want People to See Full Pfizer Vaccine Data Before 2076

The FDA rushed to approve Pfizer COVID vaccine for both adults and children, but they don’t want people to see their full vaccine data of clinical trials of the shot for another 55 years.

In a story that confirms suspicions about FDA’s dishonesty and dirty hands in vaccination business, the federal agency has asked a federal judge to give them 55 years to fully release its data on Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials. What Are They Hiding?  The Gateway Pundit asked.

The story reveals that FDA responded to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request that was filed in August this year. Arutz Sheva 7 reported on November 18 that for a month, the FDA did not respond to the FOIA request by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) that sought to see the vaccine data the FDA had pledged to provide for public perusal. PHMPT then filed a lawsuit to demand the FDA comply with the request for information.

The FDA’s response was cited in the story as:

FDA proposes to process and produce the non-exempt portions of responsive records at a rate of 500 pages per month,” at which rate the entire body of data it intends to release (which is only the non-exempt portions) will not be released before the year 2076.

This proposed rate of release by the FDA raises suspicions as it comes more a delaying tactic than standard procedure of sharing information with the public. It is worth noting how quickly the FDA authorized the vaccine based on the data but it does not want the public to see more than 500 pages of the vaccine data a month.

The FDA approval of Pfizer vaccine was immediately followed by vaccine mandates of state governments in New York and New Jersey in August and next month by the illegitimate Biden administration that made it mandatory for federal employees nationwide.

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