Fake Science: WHO Confesses COVID 19 Test is Not Reliable

Fake Science: WHO Confesses COVID 19 Test is Not Reliable

After using the so-called pandemic of COVID 19 as a political weapon to destroy businesses and take away people’s freedom, the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally decided to take a U-turn: question the validity of the test that it allowed for almost a year to diagnose people with COVID.

The Epoch Times reported on Saturday that the WHO has cautioned health experts not to rely on the PCR test solely for detecting the coronavirus supposedly causing COVID 19. In other words, the WHO has confessed that the PCR test is not reliable, but only after destroying the lives and businesses of millions of people around the world by endorsing the PCR test as the diagnostic tool for COVID 19.

Many medical experts and practitioners have been questioning the reliability of PCR test since day one but their voices have been suppressed and ignored by the establishment media and institutions like the CDC and WHO.  The Epoch Times says it reached out to WHO for a comment on this shift in position on the PCR test for COVID detection.

It’s unclear why the health agency waited over a year to release the new directive. The WHO didn’t reply to an inquiry from The Epoch Times.

Of course it didn’t respond because the WHO has become the global authority that considers itself above all laws and any accountability. It gets away with the global-scale frauds and health crimes that kills and cripples countless people across the world. The death of nearly 10 thousand killed in Haiti by cholera brought to the country by the WHO’s parent agency United Nations (UN) is just one such one example. Thousands killed and crippled by the agency’s mass vaccination programs around the world, particularly in poor countries, is an ongoing horror story.

The timing of WHO’s confessional caution about the PCR test is something not to miss. As the Epoch Times story cited above reported, the WHO issued this statement on January 20th, the exact day an anti-globalist President Trump was replaced with the unelected globalist Joe Biden as the illegitimate President in the White House via massive voter fraud and institutional collusion. Now the WHO has all the motivation to make the pandemic go away by simply rolling back its diagnostic criteria, thus bringing those artificial case numbers down. It’s easy to anticipate the propaganda media mobs will attribute the decline in numbers of positively tested people to the new administration in the White House.

Just like the 2020 Presidential election in US was a coup against President Trump’s administration, the fake pandemic was a coup against science. By now the credibility, or whatever of it is left, of the WHO has been destroyed completely by its endless engagement in scientific fraud and vicious political agenda across the world.

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