Exposed: Saudi Arabia Elected to Chair UN Human Rights Panel

Exposed: Saudi Arabia Elected to Chair UN Human Rights Panel

The misleadingly named United Nations (UN) has been stripped of its claims of speaking for international justice and peace multiple times. And they did it again – by picking Saudi Arabia to Chair the UN Human Rights Council panel.Saudi Arabia

UN Watch phrased it well: “Petro-dollars and politics have trumped human rights.” Indeed, the inhuman state laws of Saudi Arabia that victimize women, atheists, and other minorities make the Saudi regime the leading abuser of human rights in the world. Electing them to head such a panel on human rights is an open declaration of the sale of UN to Saudi oil.

While Saudi Arabian rulers are infamous for their abuse of power and religious fanaticism in their own country, Saudi diplomats also make news of abusing the poor in other countries. Just a week ago, a Saudi diplomat in India was accused of raping two poor Nepali maids that worked at his house. The diplomat fled the country and Nepal is ow asking India for justice in the rape case.

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