Cyprus Needs to Stop Songbird Slaughter, Demands Petition

Cyprus Needs to Stop Songbird Slaughter, Demands Petition

The Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Republic of Cyprus, has been targeted in a petition asking for ending the slaughter of songbirds in Cyprus.

The petition on Care2 has gathered a good 76K plus signatures in support of its call on Cyprus to stop killing the beautiful

Eastern Yellow Robin - a songbird
Eastern Yellow Robin – a songbird

songbirds migrating through Cyprus annually and turning them into “restaurant delicacy”. The petition page informs that more than 150 species of little songbirds are trapped in nets laid by trappers for catching and slaughtering these birds, despite the fact that their slaughter is illegal.

But the authorities are turning a blind eye to this illegal and inhuman activity of targeting migrating birds for slaughter and making them food for profit.

This concern over Cyprus’s killing of song birds continues from the pre-existing worries about the declining songbird populations in other parts of the world.

To ask the government of Cyprus to enforce its law against slaughter of songbirds, sign the online petition.

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